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A day on the Lincolnshire Wolds Flying Golden Eagles!

2 weeks ago 24


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A nice crisp morning with clear skies and a sharp north east wind, temperature around 1 degrees C. 25-30mph gusts however the forecast read 5-10mph winds... as you can imagine flying Golden Eagles in windy conditions can have a huge affect on performance. Sometime good sometimes bad, especially when Hares tend to run in to wind! After a few attempts by all 3 eagles, John Mease's Eagle "Erlan" caught the first Hare of the day with a stunning flight. You can see the years of experience in this eagle as he pre-empts the way the hare is going and cuts it off with a fine catch. My eagle "Sako" wasn't long after catching the second hare of the day with another lovely flight. Ben Breward flying "Fern" was extremely unlucky not to catch. Putting in some fantastic speedy flights. The Game Keeper had the pleasure of flying Johns second golden eagle "Axle" who was also unlucky not to catch. All in all a cracking day, over 30 hares seen in walking just2 fields through out the whole day. All footage is filmed by myself whilst holding or slipping my eagle "Sako" to show viewers a little bit of what we get to see in the field. I do regret not seeing the flights first hand and watching the flights through a tiny screen on the camcorder but, the footage will be there forever.
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