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NEW Top 10 countdown of up close lightning strikes, loud mega bolts, spectacular anvil crawlers and more all caught on camera. for licensing contact [email protected] Number 10 was in East Texas. Close cloud to ground lightning bolts were crashing all around me, but this one was front and center. Number 9 occurred this year in West Texas where horizontal lightning was slashing across the sky for miles. Sometimes lightning occurs with one abrupt flash. Other times several return strokes make it flicker. Number eight was captured near Paducah Texas. When you average 40,000 miles per year chasing storms between South Texas and North Dakota, it’s a treat capturing lightning from your home patio. Number seven was captured over the Williams tower in Houston Texas Number 6 struck the Earth near Perryton Texas. This close strike was captured so clearly, you can see it scorching the earth. This is the best video I’ve witnessed of the decaying lightning channel’s luminosity breaking up into smoldering segments. We call this phenomenon bead lightning or chain lightning. Over the years, I’ve lost count how many storms I’ve staked out from this overlook in Houston. Early one morning in 2015, persistence finally paid off with a close crystal clear crash of lightning striking a tree. Number 4 and Number 3 occurred on an Oklahoma evening of anvil crawler lightning heaven. Anvil crawler lightning can be chaotic, but there’s something extra special about witnessing the symmetric, electric blossoms filling the sky with fire. Number two happened in the AM hours in the sleepy town of Holiday TX. lightning caught on camera striking a house twice. The pulsing blue glow are power flashes, or exploding transformers. The strike was so brief, my camera one at 30 fps hardly caught it. But Camera two set at 250 frames per second captured lighting striking the house. Number one takes us back to that crazy evening of anvil crawler lightning in Oklahoma. From the top of a small mountain, pointing the camera straight up, I was able to capture the birth of an anvil crawler directly overhead at 2000 frames per second. This relative close proximity to the camera revealed a phenomenon I’ve never seen captured in such detail… The increased luminosity of the leader tips appearing like blue headlights searching along dark highways. All Video Copyright Hank Schyma 2017 Tag music: Crossed the Line" by Southern Backtones
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