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Hunting during the MOULT

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On this Hunt I got to take my flying buddy Ben Breward Deer Stalking with his new .243 for the very first time. Whilst we didn't see anything on the first evening we saw plenty of action the following morning. A Fallow Pricket was the first opportunity we had, but with respect to Ben, he declined to pull the trigger in fear of his bullet hitting the stock fencing. We watched a Roe Deer in the wood for a good 20 minutes, unable to identify the sex until it moved off... A BUCK! Bumping a few fallow bedded down as we stalked the woodland I was beginning to think luck was not on our side. On the return leg we spotted 2 Roe Deer 80 yrd to our right running, they had heard us but not seen us. They both stopped. Identified as 2 Bucks through the scope, I shot 1 and the other ran on to the grass ride presenting another broad side shot. I'm no chef but I'm not to shabby at sausage rolls! Ingredients: 450 grams venison mince 200 grams belly pork 200 grams black pudding 2 eggs 1 pack pre-rolled puff pastry Mince the venison, pork and black pudding, add seasoning to your liking. Add 1 egg and mix together well. Lay the meat mix in a sausage shape on the pastry sheet and roll to form a good looking sausage roll. Whisk the 2nd egg and brush the sausage roll with egg wash. place on grease proof paper and place in the oven at 180 degrees for 35 minutes. Allow to cool on rack and ENJOY!
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