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Living With Raptors

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Please visit for more! 🔺 Big Changes in 2021 🔺 The Latest on us: 🔺Healer of Angels 🔺 Signed copy only from our site: Kindle & Paperback from Amazon (with International delivery options): 🔺Mailing Lists🔺 Monthly Review and/or As-it-Happens + video notifications! 🔺We Help Critters T-Shirt 🔺 🔺Ways to help 🔺 YouTube Donate Button (see top corner of video page) Donate at our site: Donate at Facebook: Donate Bitcoin: Purchase Martin's Book: Rodent Pro Gift Certificates: Cal Ranch Gift Card: Amazon Smile: Charity Wishlist: 🔺 Mail Donations 🔺 You are welcome to mail us a donation or call to ask any questions about our organization. Phone: (435) 586-4693 • (435) 590-1618 Address: P.O. Box 1907 Cedar City, UT 84721-1907 Checks Payable to: Southwest Wildlife Foundation of Utah Official Site: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Web hosting generously provided by: 🔺 Channel Musician 🔺 Music on this channel has been donated by Casey. Track: What is True Check out Casey's new EP at: 🔺 Our Mission 🔺 Founded in 1997 in Cedar City Utah, we are a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and education. _Rescue, Rehabilitate and Release_ The Southwest Wildlife Foundation of Utah (SWF) cares for more than 100 sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife annually. Restoring them to health and returning them to the wild is our primary goal. _Informing, Educating and Inspiring_ The SWF provides over 100 educational programs reaching over 30,000 people annually. We believe providing educational outreach programs to schools, scout groups and community events, with focus on children and families, will make the greatest impact in preserving our wildlife, the environment, our public lands and our resources for future generations to enjoy. _Martin Tyner_ Since age twelve, with a bird on his arm, Martin has captivated audiences sharing his knowledge and experience of his wildlife friends. At age nineteen, Martin was hired as curator of birds of prey at Busch Gardens, CA. He also worked in the movie and television industry training big cats, elephants, primates, sea mammals and raptors. “One of my greatest childhood fantasies was the desire to create a personal friendship with a wild eagle. I found myself with a love and fascination for these powerful creatures.” Martin Tyner is a federally licensed falconer, eagle falconer, wildlife rehabilitator, wildlife propagator, and wildlife and environmental educator. He has been providing wildlife and environmental programs throughout the western United States, to schools, scouts and community groups for over fifty years. “Grandpa believed in a very simple philosophy; that a person should get up every morning and do good. Doing good means that you do well for others and doing well means that you do good for yourself. There is nothing wrong with doing well, but Grandpa always believed in doing good.” Martin's book, Healer of Angels, reflects back on his life: from a young boy terrified of birds to becoming the first man in North America licensed to train a wild golden eagle in the ancient art of falconry. Through a heartwarming collection of true stories he describes his challenging transformation from a shy dyslexic teenager, to the founder and CEO of the Southwest Wildlife Foundation.
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